"How grateful I feel, that connecting with you after Deb’s call, that barely gave me time to see you those two times before my procedure, could have such a defining impact on this time in my life AND…on so many levels…

My incision healed perfectly as I ingested the doTerra Protective Blend oil daily for weeks before as part of my protection. "

- Mary


" I have been taking classes with Ruth for more than 2 years.  I was first introduced to Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) by Ruth.  After taking many of the IET Personal Steps to Transformation Classes she taught, I decided to study the IET practitioner level under Ruth’s direction.  While I was new to this kind of energy healing, I found Ruth’s classes to be loving, therapeutic, supportive, inspiring, and informative.  Ruth treats each of her students and clients with the upmost respect, offering a safe and loving, and judgment-free environment. Ruth truly cares about each of her students and clients, as she takes her time addressing all of their desires, questions, and concerns.  All of the individual readings and healing sessions I’ve had with Ruth have been wonderful.  She has a wealth of knowledge in the spiritual and healing arts, incorporating various energy healing methods into one session."

"Iam grateful to have Ruth as a spiritual teacher and am even more honored to call her a friend. Ruth has a beautiful connection with the angels and ascended masters.  She is a gifted psychic, medium, healer, and crystal energy therapist.  She is a wonderful energy healer and teacher of energy healing. She is a teacher and practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Reiki, and Magnified Healing. She acts as a humble, channel of pure loving energy for both her students and clients " 

 "W hat I love most about Ruth’s healing and teaching approaches is her multifaceted energy healing approach and the abundance of loving and healing energy she offers her students and clients.  Her beautiful meditations are like a breath of fresh air. Often when I leave a session with Ruth, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I highly recommend Ruth as an energy healer and spiritual teacher. "

- Charlotte

"After 3 years of battle health, well-being, and balance are within my grasp. Please continue to give me hope with your Healing Energy. What a privilege and honor to know you Ruth.

Thank you so much for your precious time. "

- Peter

"Ruth - Thank you so much for what you shared with me last night. You... have so many gifts and teaching is definitely one of your strongest gifts in my opinion. I have learned so much from you. And I remember so much of what you taught me last night. I am so grateful to you and God's Holy Angels "
 - Cheryl